Transit Tribute Description

The Transit Tribute app has been accepted as a pitch for part of the “Young Professionals Pitch Session” on Wednesday May 18th, part of the conference activities for the American Public Transportation Association’s Bus and Paratransit Conference to be held in Charlotte. The idea originated with Dr. Thompson and was given to the class to develop as an app for their final project.

The Transit Tribute app is being developed as a final project for Dr. Pamela Thompson’s Object Oriented Programming Class (mobile application development and the Android Platform with Java).  Four students will have 5 to 7 minutes to pitch the idea to an audience from the conference.  Larry Kopf, Chief Operations Planning Officer for the City of Charlotte, is the Charlotte contact for the event. Larry is also head of the Bus Operations Division for Charlotte.

Overview of the App Concept:  The Transit Tribute app is designed to recognize when a person is on public transportation (bus, rail) by beacon notification.  When the app detects the beacon, points are earned for riding public transportation.  A leader board introduces gamification and points are exchanged for discounts, free tickets, food, etc. offered by local and national businesses that have advertised on the app.  When a person first registers for the app, information of interest is gathered in a short survey – this provides useful data as individuals take advantage of public transportation.

Monetization can come from premium subscribers to the app, advertisements, or perhaps licensing (APTA, other).  Geofencing is not an option (moving target) and beacons are selected due to low cost as compared to WIFI, although leaderboards, push notification for ads, and point redemption will depend on WIFI.  Some cities already equip public transportation with WIFI.

Along with a prototype for the app (we have beacons),  the pitch will address:

Introduction of Students (4 are selected to pitch for the class (Dr. Thompson will be present but the students will pitch)

Overview of the app, UI, Stakeholders

Total Market Opportunity (Users, Advertisers, etc.)

Financial Model

How to Get to Market
What we are looking for (Investors? Partners? Developing back end? Advisors? Test City?)

This is a unique opportunity and one that can bring interest to our programs in IS, Entrepreneurship and business as a whole.  The students are very excited about the opportunity to pitch an app idea to a national audience.  A link appears below to the Conference web site; click on “Programs” on the side and the Catawba students are listed on the Wednesday program.

Please see the story board for the app – students are working in groups to develop a working prototype.  They will simulate the back end (advertisements, registering businesses) and the leaderboard.  These activities will require a web application interface to the app.

Link to the American Public Transportation Association’s Bus and Paratransit Conference May 15-18 in Charlotte:
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