Domain Understanding

Reasons for Bites? Shark Bites Two Article – good resource for hypotheses related to bites/attacks

Related to oxygen levels:

Oxygen levels and fish:

Another good resource:

And another:

Recent (2016) news article warning of more attacks this summer: Article

Paper: Do Lunar Cycles Influence Shark Attacks?

UNC Institute of Marine Science:

Another Study – Florida – George Burgess source: Case Study on Attacks in Florida

Blue Crab Movement – Good Article

Geospacial Analysis for Florida Attacks – another good article

Moon Phases and Sharks:

Crabs migrating northward due to warmer ocean:

Blue Crab Info:

Sharks eat crabs: (Atlantic)

Blue Crab life cycle:

Commercial Catch Link Crabs:

Sharks and water temp:

Sharks and water temp:

Shark movement:

Pretty cool – track sharks in real time: