Crab Landings

Daily blue crab landings 94 to 2014

(email from Alan Bianchi, NC Division of Marine Fisheries)

Hello Dr. Thompson, attached are the daily landings for blue crab from 1994 to 2014. Some of the data are confidential and couldn’t be released however the majority of the data appears to be available. The variables I included are the following:

Year = Year of landing (blue crab brought to the dock and sold to a seafood dealer)

Species = Only selected for blue crabs but I included the three different market types: hard, peeler, and soft

Date = Date of Landing in MM/DD/YYYY format. Without dashes and without leading zeroes for the months of Jan through September.

Pounds = Landings in pounds for blue crabs (just a note here, many times blue crabs are landed in units of bushels or numbers so these units or measure are converted to pounds)

Dealers = Number of seafood dealers reporting landings of blue crab on this date

Trips = Number of trips reporting landings of blue crab on that day

Conf = If the number of dealers is less than 3 then this column is marked with an “*” and is considered to be confidential. The pounds of blue crabs are removed to protect that confidentiality but the number of dealers and trips can still be reported.

If there is a date where no landings of blue crabs occurred then they won’t appear in this data set. For instance I won’t have a day reporting zero landings of blue crabs so keep this mind when you combine this dataset with other daily data. Hopefully this will work for your project. Also, please remember that the landings of blue crab isn’t a directly indicator of blue crab populations. Landings of blue crab can increase even if the population is actually declining. An example of this happened after Hurricane Floyd when a large number of blue crabs were flushed from estuaries and into the reaches of Pamlico Sound and harvest increased quite a bit even though the population suffered some pretty strong declines.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks ALAN.

Alan Bianchi

Trip Ticket Coordinator

License and Statistics Section

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

P.O. Box 769

Morehead City, North Carolina 28557

Phone: 252-726-7021 ext. 8092

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